Design Your Neighborhood Curriculum


7th and 8th grade PBL Units

NCDC has partnered with MNPS teachers, the Cumberland River Compact, and a research team at Vanderbilt University to develop a series of standards-based unit for 7th and 8th grade science, ELA, social studies, math, and visual arts courses. The units can stand alone or be cross-curricular. The 7th grade units focus on transportation issues while the 8th grade units address the need for more affordable housing in Nashville. Participating teachers will receive training, project materials, access to a network of design professionals as classroom volunteers, and a $100 stipend. The impacts of this curriculum are being measured by a research team at Vanderbilt Peabody College, and we will need to administer a 20 minute pre and post survey as a part of the study. Please explore the curriculum samples and sign up if you are interested in participating.


7th Grade: Transportation

Art: Functional art piece that promotes connectivity in the school’s neighborhood.

English: Podcast that advocates for moretransportation options in the school’sneighborhood.

Science: Transportation changes to the school’sneighborhood that will lower CO emissions.

Social Studies: Revisions to the map andcampaigns of the 2018 TransportationReferendum.

Math: Coming Fall 2019!

8th Grade: Affordable Housing

Art: Tiny home designs for MNPS familiesexperiencing homelessness.

English: Podcast that advocates for more afforadblehousing options in the school’s neighborhood.

Science: Low impact housing development plan forthe school’s neighborhood.

Social Studies: Affordable housing recommendationsand campaign.

Math: Coming Fall 2019!


Community Design 101

Community Design 101 is a series of hands-on activities that engage student with the basics of neighborhood design. The activities can be stand-alone, or work as a whole unit for an extra curricular program or elective course. Note: This curriculum does not include a stipend as it is not a part of the Vanderbilt research project.

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