Our Impact


“What I got out of the program was more ways to connect to community, more communication skills, learning to talk to others and work together and cooperate with others. Even though you have different ideas, you can work together to make an even better idea.”

- Javari Henderson


“I learned more about how a city is designed to work for a community. Before, I didn’t know how something gets made in relation to the people around it. It’s not just building a building. It’s how this is going to work for the people who live here.”

- Bridget Curtis


“It allowed me to get a lot of really great opportunities. Like at the end when we were able to present our boards. I think it was really cool that we got to tell people about them and it would circulate through the community. Not just learning about things, but using knowledge to benefit and make things better.”

- Rowan Freiberg


“I think that the program has helped me narrow down my interest about what I want to do after high school. I’ve always been uncertain, and this program has helped me see what I want to do and how I want to be involved in my community.”

- Emaa Elrayah