Student Showcase


“I think it is really important to learn about the struggle between traffic and people. The struggle to get to work or school. For example, like kids at this school they have to take the MTA bus. Some parents don’t have the transportation to and from the school.”

Student from Head Middle

If more people are doing this more attention will come to it like, yeah, as more and more people do it, they’ll think like oh these are some real problems in Nashville, maybe we should do something to make a change.
— Student from Head Middle
Students and educators at the 2019 DYN Student Showcase.

Students and educators at the 2019 DYN Student Showcase.

Because, like he said if neighborhoods the way that the houses are, they’re rackety and stuff, gentrification is helping it, but it’s not giving the people a chance to live where they want to live because they don’t have enough money to do that. And that’s not fair.
— Student from Creswell Middle


“When I think of gentrification when it comes into my community, I feel like the goal of it is to break us apart, so that all of our memories go down the drain. They are already trying to move people out the neighborhood. I feel like they don’t give them a voice. I can make changes by helping the community members, but it won’t change what they doing. I can do that. I can try talking to people hear my voice, and by asking people in the neighborhood to talk about it.”

-Student from Two Rivers Middle

“It's about building a community, or neighborhood designed for the people that live in that neighborhood. So like, in this neighborhood, or a neighborhood where a lot of people might not have cars, there should be a lot more pedestrian, like initiatives or installments for those people. Or in a community where almost everyone has a car, it should be prioritized for people with cars. So making sure that it fits the people that are actually going to use that space.”

-Student from sTURBO


“The prices are just skyrocketing...and I feel like that’s a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. Because people who’ve lived here, prices get higher their house increases if you’re an owner. But then for renters it can only be a bad thing and for people who are wanting to move to Bellevue, or like anywhere in Nashville.”

Student from Bellevue Middle